DuraShield Satin

Paint Protection Film
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DuraShield Satin TC high performance matte paint protection film provides the same benefits of DuraShield Titan PPF in a satin-matte finish. Make your vehicle the center of attention by transforming gloss paint or preserving matte paint.


DuraShield Satin

DuraShield Satin has the same principles as DuraShield Titan while allowing you to change your aesthetic without sacrificing protection.

Satin TC makes your vehicle the center of attention.

DuraShield Satin TC high performance matte paint protection film provides the same benefits of our DuraShield Titan PPF in gorgeous satin-matte finish. It transforms gloss paint and preserves the finish of matte paint.

Satin not only provides the same protection as Titan, but will also change the sheen of your paint. You can completely change the look of your vehicle or keep your satin or matte vinyl wrap the same sheen while protecting both the wrap and the paint underneath.

Satin TC is formulated for a clean, matte appearance that lasts for years. Its self-healing formula eliminates minor scratches over time. The high performance top coat is formulated to resist even the harshest chemicals on the road, preventing damage from oil, tar, magnesium chloride, and road salts.

It also repels bugs, acids and bird droppings.

DuraShield Satin


  • Seals out dirt and contaminants
  • Resists tough chemicals
  • Self-healing top coat wipes out minor scratches when exposed to heat
  • Eye-catching satin-matte finish
  • Ultra hydrophobic surface repels water
  • Eliminates punctures from road debris
  • UV additive protects from sun damage

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DuraShield Satin


Superior Stain Resistance

Bug splats, water spots, bird droppings, and road tar threaten every vehicle, every day. Titan’s™ topcoat provides continuous stain resistance to prevent the film and your vehicle from receiving damage.

Titan™ excels at resisting the toughest stains, even when they're left on for longer time periods. While some products lose stain resistance capabilities over time, but Titan™ shows superior stain resistance year after year.

Unmatched Chemical Resistance to Harsh Airborne Hazards

The Titan™ proprietary topcoat formula provides unmatched chemical resistance and easily blocks virtually all hazardous environmental chemicals. Titan™ delivers unequaled resistance to the harsh chemicals that can deteriorate your vehicle’s finish.


Independent laboratory results have concluded that DuraShield Titan™ is fully resistant to harsh chemicals. Gasoline, the harshest environmental concern for vehicle finishes, has no effect on Titan™ when submersed in gasoline for one hour.

Exceptional Puncture Resistance

Titan™ paint protection film is designed with ProConform 6 mm Urethane to protect your vehicle’s surface from damage caused by rocks, tar, and other road hazards. An independent laboratory tested six popular paint protection films to compare the amount of force, energy, and elongation before each film punctures. The test averaged the results of 5 samples of each film.

Titan™ delivered first-class results, with the best overall ranking for Puncture Resistance.

Protection from UV and Sun Damage

The UV additive in the Titan™ protects from sun damage. This helps protect you, your vehicle's technology, and your belongings from heat, deterioration, discoloration, and other damage.

10-Year Warranty

DuraShield is so confident in their products that they will stand by them for 10 full years, so you can rest easy!

DuraShield Satin


DuraShield comes with a 10-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.